Bocadillos in Barcelona

SWMRS has been back for a few months, and now so is Between Stations. New album, new tours, new cities, new food. Thank you for being patient and we will try to bring more posts more frequently as the travel continues! We’d love to kick off spring by talking about how incredible Barcelona is (although we were there in February). And it began with a Bocadillo… … Continue reading Bocadillos in Barcelona

How to Drink Wine Like a Semi-Pro

We’ve all been there, at a restaurant or grocery store staring blankly at the menu’s wine list or the rows of bottles on shelves. Perhaps the infamous quote from Sideways comes to mind (“I’m not drinking any f*cking merlot!”), so you figure you should probably avoid merlot. Ultimately, the bottle you pick reflects a combination of how much you like of the look of the … Continue reading How to Drink Wine Like a Semi-Pro

Finding Your Inner Ina – Michelle’s Take on Beef Bourguignon

I firmly believe that we all need a little bit of Ina Garten (AKA the Barefoot Contessa) in our lives. I’ve always been a huge fan of the TV show host and prolific cookbook author. While her recipes are delicious enough to stand on their own, she has managed to use the medium of cooking to create a unique, authentic, and universally-loved brand. She makes … Continue reading Finding Your Inner Ina – Michelle’s Take on Beef Bourguignon

Welcoming Fall

Even though it seems like our years are built around anticipating summer, when school is out, work slows down, and most people plan vacations, I’d argue that the beginning of fall brings the most joy. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as that first purchase of pumpkin spice-flavored something, sip of Oktoberfest beer, and the crisp autumnal feeling in the air during the transition of summer … Continue reading Welcoming Fall

Florence & Chianti – European Vacation Pt. 2

Written by Michelle. Ahh Tuscany. To think, before Under the Tuscan Sun was released, this region was an unknown humble artist community. Who was that popular sculptor again? I think his name was Michelangelo or something? It’s indisputable that Diane Lane’s performance in the 2003 rom-com drama reinvigorated the wanderlust of its (mainly female) audience. The film empowered women to believe that they too can lift … Continue reading Florence & Chianti – European Vacation Pt. 2