Tartine: I dream of carbs

Tartine Bakery, San Francisco.

Whether it’s 12pm or 4pm, there will always be a line down the street at Tartine Bakery located in the Mission district of San Francisco. Open until 7pm on weekdays and 8pm on weekends, as long as the sign posted in the window says “bread available,” it’s ALWAYS worth the wait. Don’t come if you’re vegan, gluten-free, or generally boring. Interested in tasting the best chocolate croissant outside of France? Enjoy combinations of fancy cheese and items like quince jam, broccoli rabe pesto, and pickled carrots? Make this stop a priority and, if you’re wise and don’t want to hate yourself, the main meal of the day.

An extra side of pickled carrots for the pickle lady (who is this girl?)
The Roasted Mushroom, Raclette Cheese Sandwich from Manufactory. It goes without saying that the bread makes it.

Michelle and I have been here twice now, and I’ve also been to their new location, Manufactory – a necessary larger addition that’s a 15-minute walk away (and just as incredible). We tried the gouger (if anyone knows how they hollow out these savory cheese bombs of goodness, please share). We also got the spicy turkey hot pressed sandwich that comes with the most epic pickled carrots (random, I know, but just trust). And the Idiazabal & Membrillo hot pressed sandwich (imagine smoked gouda with fruit preserves). These sandwiches are thicker than Kim K’s thighs so, like I said above, get your morning run in beforehand and share the carbs & love. Also, while you probably feel enough gluttony for the week after eating one of these, you should definitely make room (or take home) a chocolate croissant. Or head to Manufactory and get the Citrus Gateau Basque. Though we didn’t try the sweeter dessert items this time around, it’s hard to believe anything can be bad from here.

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