A European Quickie, Part 2: Berlin and London

Just like you’d expect, our European quickie was exhilarating and then done in the blink of an eye. No cuddling, no making pancakes. We showered, put the same clothes back on, and flew right back to the U.S., continuing our tour with All Time Low as we speak.

The later half of our week was epic. Whether it was the second show with Blink-182, or the BST festival in Hyde Park last Saturday, each and every moment was a 12 out of 10.


As seen in my previous post, I’m a huge fan of Berlin, but I still feel like I’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg. After this trip, I am indeed one step closer to figuring this city out. Although we were at a disadvantage by only really having one day here during which it poured the ENTIRE time, we were still able to experience a few perfect moments in Berlin.

No shame in sippin’ on rosé.

We arrived around 11 pm the night before our second show with Blink-182, which according to my family’s vacation clock, is dinner time. The rest of the band opted for Burgermeister – a fantastic late night burger joint in Kreuzberg that’s always packed. Normally I’d prioritize such regional specialties, but my family and I we were all craving a nice Italian dinner for some reason. Although it was tough to find a place where the kitchen wasn’t closed at that hour, our craving turned out to be a premonition when we stumbled upon a cute little patio restauarant called Delizie D’Italia.


Maybe it was the fact that everyone working there was Italian, or that there were no English menus, or that everything on the menu was so fresh and simple…buttery grilled salmon, seasonal vegetables, and the “seemple, perhfect, tow-mato soss” as described by our waiter, Gianni. We finished our meal by sharing an array of Italian liqueurs. My favorite was the Ramazzotti, a bitter amaro. It wasn’t until we left the restaurant that we remembered that we were, in fact, in the middle of Berlin, Germany.

The following day was primarily spent at the venue (Max Schmeling-Halle) before our show with Blink. I cannot begin to explain how kind and inviting those dudes were to us. I hope we get to play together again soon. Plus, I could get used to playing in front of eight to ten thousand people a night…


After the show, out of both hunger and a desperate need to eat German food in Germany, my family and I discovered a spot called Meta Cafe, just across the street from the venue. We walked inside to find a promise land of schnitzel, spaetzle, and German beer. Eating their chanterelle-topped schnitzel between sips of their house heffeweissen…I was in heaven – a moment I looked back on longingly the next day during a hellish 13-hour drive in the van to London.


View from morning run in Hanover, Germany

After spending the night in Hanover, Germany, on our route west, I decided to go on a morning run. Little did I know, getting a workout in would be a great move considering we ended up sitting in the eurotunnel for 3 hours because of a train that got stuck in the middle of the English Channel. What got me through this agony? Brainstorming for my next meal of course. My sister and her boyfriend had just flown in to see us play the next day, so we definitely had a reason to go somewhere special for dinner. I knew exactly where to go when we got to London: Duck And Waffle.

Ain’t your average waffle house.

The restaurant is perched up on the 40th floor of one of London’s few massive high rises. If it were a character in a movie, Duck & Waffle would be Julia Roberts after meeting Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. The restaurant is open 24/7 and brings out a classy side to diner food that you didn’t think existed. Of course their signature fried duck and waffles topped with a fried egg was outstanding, but so were the cocktails, homemade corn dogs, and salt beef croque monsieur. There are few socially-acceptable opportunities to eat a corn dog while drinking a dirty martini, and this, my friend, is one of them. Inspired and well-fed, I was so ready for our show the next day at Hyde Park. I knew it would be just as crazy as this meal.

Fried never looked so fancy.

Fast forward to the next morning at the venue, and we were already starting to see upwards of three or four thousand kids lining up to watch us. We had a MASSIVE circle pit (actually a very safe and fun way to mosh…just fans jumping around in a communal circle). The rest of the day was spent as a fan at the festival, not something we usually have the opportunity to do surprisingly. Watching Green Day absolutely slay for two hours with my family and seeing Cole swirling around in the pit was the perfect ending to our trip. This was easily one of my favorite shows, and I can’t wait to come back to London this fall to play at the Islington Academy.

London, we love you.

There you have it folks! Done with Europe for a bit (and by “bit” I mean two months). Now I’m working on sharing some of my U.S. travels as we tour with All Time Low through August. More posts coming soon.


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